çağıl aygen. born in izmir. lives in milan. creative person for branding and visual identity with a strong typographic sensibility.


services creative direction, brand and corporate identity, font design, logo design, packaging, illustration, infographic 

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Selected Projects


Website design for a design studio, Velvele where I am the founder and the art director.

Client: Velvele A Design Community
Date: 2019
Services: Naming, Branding, Brand Strategy, Website


A Collaboration with “jozeph forakis … design” studio as a Lead Brand Designer. Art Direction by Jozeph Forakis

Client: CL Yachts
Website: clyachts.com
Date: 2019
Services: Naming, Branding, Brand Strategy, Stand Design
Design Studio: jozeph forakis ... design

CL Yachts
CL Yachts Branding

A Collaboration with “jozeph forakis … design” studio as a Lead Brand Designer. Art Direction by Jozeph Forakis. All the related works are available at the collaborated studio website.

Client: CL Yachts
Website: clyachts.com
Date: 2019
Services: Naming, Branding, Brand Strategy, Stand Design
Design Studio: jozeph forakis ... design

ME: Gift Pack

My newest design with the team Velvele reminds me the famous phrase “FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION”. This project was a perfect product design challenge for me and the team thanks to amazing technical details and functionality. Our main challenge was not only to make a box for 3 small premium candles that can show the products label while they are inside of it, but also to make a multi-functional lid that acts both as a perfect closure and an elegant base support when positioned under the box, while the box itself had to have a self-presenting appearance without the lid.

Client: Melted Element
Date: 2019
Services: Packaging, Graphic Design
collaborated with: Nikolai Rizo

Logo collection

A collection of selected logos created over the years

Services: Logo Design


Bertan Karaimer recorded a new cover album, “EskiYeni”. The meaning of the album is “Old New” in Turkish. The reason this name was chosen is that it was a cover album that reproduced the 6 old songs of him. Which also affects the design decision of using two different font styles and combined them in one. By using old serif font “name of the font” for “eski” (means old) and combining it with modern sans-serif “name of the font” for “yeni” (means new), the purpose was to reproduce the same feeling as the album.Furthermore, the six corners of the hexagon shape, which is the main bold element, represent the total number of the songs in the album.

Client: Bertan Karaimer
Date: 2018
Services: Packaging, Graphic Design


Suidae is a fat font family, combined from 3 different style. It’s fresh, friendly, fun and full of surprises waiting for you to be discover!. It is also a great mix of boldness and cuteness, so it definitely captures attention while keeping the minimal form of letters. Plus, Suidae is an effective font family for creating amazing headlines, logos & posters with a custom-made feeling.​​​​​​​

Client: Velvele a design community
Website: myfonts.com
Services: Font Design

VVE Giallo

VVE Giallo brings simplicity, elegance and a certain warmth wherever a contemporary geometric typeface is needed. The balanced characteristics, clear and legible silhouette and simultaneously vivid appearance of VVE Giallo makes it perfect for any needs.
VVE Giallo’s characteristic high x-height does not only give perfect legibility but also perfect matching for strong headlines, outstanding logos and also for long texts. By keeping the “o” and “a” perfect circles gives VVE Giallo the minimalist and modernist looking.
VVE Giallo has six weights, thin to heavy, give it a full range of expression for branding; in print and on screen. Matching true italics, carefully slanted 10º, are perfectly designed one by one. The family totally consists of 16 styles. lt supports many OpenType features, such as tabular numerals, inferiors & superiors, numerators & denominators, fractions, discretionary ligatures, arrows and etc. It combined more than 500 glyphs.

Client: Velvele a design community
Website: myfonts.com
Services: Font Design
Award: 50 Best Selling Hot New Fonts, SEP 2018 | myfonts.com

Cheoy Lee Shipyards
Cheoy Lee Shipyards Branding

A Collaboration with “jozeph forakis … design” studio as a Lead Brand Designer. Art Direction by Jozeph Forakis. All the related works are available at the collaborated studio website.

Client: CL Yachts
Website: clyachts.com
Date: 2019
Services: Naming, Branding, Brand Strategy, Stand Design
Design Studio: jozeph forakis ... design


Azul is looking for a bold design that reflects a product extension for Azul Coconut Water. The product should be recognizable as an Azul product but be sufficiently distinct to reflect a delicious, rich and filling coconut milk beverage. The design concept should look clean and uncluttered, yet vibrant and bright and inviting. It should look upscale so the customer understands the product is getting a great quality product while it is giving the feeling of fresh and cool drink.

Client: Azul
Date: 25/06/2018
Services: Packaging


PharmaTerra Inc. was founded in 1997 by practicing physicians and clinical research scientists who specialize in the application and development of biologically active natural products. In 2017, they approached us to have a fresh look and feel for their product line; ProBeta and SynBiotic.

Their vegetarian capsules are only contains their secret ingredient that developed in a result of more than 10 years of research. As a result of these years of investment, they created a premium and high quality but at the same time fully vegetarian supplement. By taking consideration of their market position and the years of experiences in the market, we redesigned their container to perfectly fit and represent their core message. By having the minimal approach and typography focus label, the products proudly shows the premium ingredients.

Client: PharmaTerra
Date: 07/05/2018
Services: Packaging, Graphic Design


“Kangaburra” was a company based in Australia that produces balsamic vinegar in 2018. They were using 100% Australian ingredients and their product was made especially as a complement of salad dressing, seafood, pork, and poultry dishes. The main ingredient of their product who differentiate them among their competitors is “golden citrus”. This unique ingredient is also the one that gives the bright yellow color of the product.

The main inspiration of the label design is a citrus peel. Therefore, as a reference to peel, the label is designed as a wrapped ribbon to highlight the unique ingredient of golden citrus indirectly.

One of the most important aspects of the client’s brief was to do not show any related illustration or images of the citrus but at the same time, their intention was to give this feeling. Create premium-feeling by using minimal design was one of the most challenging parts of the design process. A second important aspect of the brief was also to create a premium and luxury feeling since the market positioning of the product has a quite higher price range among the competitors. The target of the product is Asian and Western audiences 30-50 years old who can afford a boutique vinegar to go with premium ingredients.

Client: Kangaburra Australian Vinegar
Date: 05/02/2018
Services: Packaging, Graphic Design

Carrera Grande Brewing Co.

Beer brewery and tasting room in Tucson, Arizona with a vintage motor racing theme using imagery from races such as the Carrera Panamericana, Targa Florio and Mille Miglia.

Logo architecture is inspired from 1950s. The most significant characteristics of that period are flat colors and simple details. Most of the logos and visual graphic belongs to that period has combined from black and one main color. Using the italic font for “Carrera Grande” emphasizes the speed related with car racing while “Brewing Company” part is giving the feeling of corporation.

Client: Carrera Grande Brewing Company
Date: 15/01/2018
Services: Graphic Design

Nora Slab

Nora Slab blends a geometric inspiration with warm humanist elements, making it the perfect choice for when you need a fresh, contemporary slab serif typeface. The companion Nora Grotesque makes the Nora family a real workhorse for any use, including web, digital, print, branding and signage.
Nora Slab has a large x-height and open counterforms, making it easily readable. It supports multiple languages: Central and Eastern European as well as Western European languages. It has eight weights with related obliques.

Client: Velvele a design community
Website: myfonts.com
Services: Font Design

Nora Grotesque

Nora Grotesque is a modern sans serif type family of of five weights plus true matching obliques, all completely equipped with opentype features, fractions, lining numbers, old style figures, capsular numbers, superscript and inferiors. It has been designed parallel within the neo-grotesque universe of typefaces and is inspired by humanist proportions and humanist-grotesk features in multiple languages, support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European languages.
Working on Nora Grotesque type family, I’ve aimed to create a modern geometric grotesk with the widest implementation range, a reliable workhorse. Nora Grotesque is equipped for complex, professional typography with a high x-height for maximum legibility and a powerful personality then other alternates. We’ve been especially careful working on the uniq geometry of each glyph, both from the point of view of visual correctness and forms continuity.​​​​​​​

Client: Velvele a design community
Website: myfonts.com
Services: Font Design
Award: 50 Best Selling Hot New Fonts, NOV 2017 | myfonts.com


Website design for an educational organization called Risotto Alla Turca where I am the founder. RAT (risotto alla turca) is a web based community. It helps Turkish people who lives in Italy by providing necessary information. While the main target of this community is undergraduate and graduate Turkish students, main focus is providing them a 100% true information related with italian bureaucracy, universities
and life-experience in Italy

Client: Risotto Alla Turca
Date: 2016
Services: UX/UI, Layout, Visual Design, Development

Tokay Law Firm

It is a law firm from Izmir, Turkey that is a business entity formed by two lawyers to engage in the practice of law. The primary service rendered by the law firm is to advise clients (individuals or corporations) about their legal rights and responsibilities, and to represent clients in civil or criminal cases business transactions, and other matters in which legal advice and other assistance are sought.

Because of the similarity of a hilt and being first letter of the company name, letter “T” chose as a logo. Themis’s sword ,who is an ancient Greek Titaness and he personification of divine order, fairness and law, is inspired to shape of letter “T”.

Client: Tokay Law Firm
Website: tokay.av.tr
Date: 2015
Services: Graphic Design, Branding, Website Design

Escultor Berrocal

The sculptures of Berrocal can be taken apart, transformed and combined; they invite the viewer to search and explore new concepts and volumes in the empty space and within the very structure of the work. Foundation asked me to create a visual identity framework. The identity should both unify into one the idiosyncratic contribution of their places and content, as well as be able to grow if other cultural elements are added in the future. Most of Berrocal sculptures can disassemble like puzzles and at the center of those pieces, a ring shaped can be easily detected.
*Project cancelled

Client: Foundation Sculptor Berrocal, Málaga, Spain
Date: 2014
Services: Branding, Marketing

Boscolo Fattorie

“Boscolo” is choosed as a brand name because of their family name, Boscolo. Having a global approach, Boscolo Fattorie would be presented as local brand stressing on the Italian produce of salad (the provenance, the family story and the farming process) while having an international appeal. Boscolo Fattorie’s logo architecture is fresh, safe, global, contemporary and spirited.

They are a global leader in the production of fruits and vegetables, which specializes in providing quality raw product for the fresh value added processing industry as well as innovative, value added and commodity products for the retail trade. Strategically located worldwide, grows and distributes product in Italy, the United Kingdom and the Unites States of America.

Client: OP Valle Padana, Italy & Royal Rose, USA
Date: 2014
Services: Branding, Marketing
collaborated with: 邢結勝 Jason Hysin


Interni wants to open a VIP Lounge in the main airports around Milano and Rome; a small space to host design enthusiasts before they leave Italy. Guests will receive a Lounge Pass from design hotels, design shops, design companies and institutions. The Lounge will be a place for relaxing, having the last cappuccino before leaving, but also to meet new people with your same interests and to discover the novelties in the design market. It could also serve as a physical/digital shop: guests will be able to see something, book and pay it, and have it delivered at home.Plane(for airport), paper(for sketches), cloud(for dreamers) and sandglass(time) are the main structures for the logo. “aireverie” name is the combination of two word; air + reverie. Reverie means a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.​​​​​​​

Client: Interni x Domus Academy
Date: 02/03/2015
Services: Branding, Graphic Design
Award: 2nd Prize, VIP Lounge Branding


Smartbox is multiway usage that can be carry like a bag where one does not need secondary material. Without any previous experience, it can easily be transformed into folded shape of box or bag to carry. It is a userfriendly package and a tool of publicity for a brand. Its flat surface makes it easy to contain necessary information and visuals. Stores owning this product, show their attitude towards sustainability and create awareness on the subject among customers which in turn creates a brand attitude.While in both form it is strong as a box, the product inside is protected from outside impact. Folded form of SmartBox is 15 times thinner than standard shoe box.

Date: 02/03/2013
Services: Branding, Graphic Design
Awards: 2nd Prize, Turkish National Packaging Design and "Certificate of Recognition" by World Packaging Organization

Paper cup set
Services: Packaging, Graphic Design


Good Design Award
Corporate Identity, Branding and Visual Communication Design // Lead Brand Designer CL Yachts
50 Best Selling Hot New Fonts VVE Giallo
50 Best Selling Hot New Fonts nora grotesque
Domus Academy Competition in collaboration with INTERNI
Second prize in visual brand design aireverie
10. Turkish National Packaging Design Student Competition in collaboration with ASD and Reed TÜYAP
Second Prize in package design SmartBox
WPO Worldstar Student, Brazil
Certificate of Recognition Smart Box


mar 2018 - today
Senior Brand Designer at jozeph forakis ... design
Milan, Italy
jan 2017 - today
Founder & Creative Director at VELVELE a design community
Milan, Italy
jan 2017 - sep 2019
Visual Brand Consultant at US Değer Yönetimi Platformu
Izmir, Turkey
dec 2015 - sep 2018
Graphic Design Lecturer at Istituto Europeo di Design
Milan, Italy
feb 2015 - jan 2018
Graphic Designer at The Business Year Magazine
Istanbul, Turkey
feb 2015 - jul 2015
Graphic Design Intern at FutureBrand
Milan, Italy